remember the day it was 55 degrees out..

as i am posting this, i am aware that we are getting a slight heat wave sunday and monday, but we just came off a brutal storm and it was 3 degrees when i left my house this morning. and of course, tuesday will be back down to a high of 12.

on this particular day, i was so quick to ditch my winter coat, heavy scarf, and lots of layers. this was the first time wearing these camo pants. i was a little apprehensive, but they were only $5, so why not give it a shot. i made sure to keep the rest of my outfit (light weight, some what sheer, sweater and bra top) pretty simple. the pants were the standout piece in this outfit. i topped it off with a light weight scarf and leather jacket and was ready for some exploring.

overall, i liked the pants. i try to think of camo as a neutral and not make a big deal out of the all over print. the biggest difference about a 'warm' day was i didn't have any extra layers or a long coat covering my butt. i felt a little more exposed that i had gotten used to!

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