layers, layers, and a faux fur hat.

dress // vintage
sweater // madewell
denim jacket // j. crew (awesome christmas present from terry)
camel coat // j. crew
faux fur hat // anthropologie (another awesome gift from terry)
necklace // gift from my mom
boots // zara
bag // coach

this is what i consider a good weekend. i didn't accomplish close to what i had wanted to, but what i did get done felt very good. friday night was the end of the crazy storm, so it was a cozy night in. saturday started with a diner breakfast, a quick trip to target, and a very fulfilling grocery store trip. we had a cart full of green leafy veggies, fruit, and nothing in a package. new year means a lot more clean eating. the rest of the day was spent doing a little cleaning and organizing and a lot of relaxing.

sunday started with coffee and cleaning out my purse. a light bag and wallet surely makes me feel better in many ways. today we really cleaned. we also had a super fancy, yummy breakfast. then the cleaning commenced. i love vacuuming. instant gratification, hearing those little dirt pieces go up the vacuum. i didn't do the organizing and decluttering that i wanted to, but we really got some things cleaned. but we did start a goodwill box and i am looking forward to filling it up even more!

as a mid afternoon break, we took a walk to harvard square. i had a few things to return. i exchanged something for a new calendar, got a few things from anthropologie (there home sale was an extra 50% off!), and had lunch at my favorite spot there, crema.

the cool, crisp air felt really nice to be out in after such a deep freeze. it was calming. it felt nice to be outside. it was a nice, relaxing weekend. i got a few important things accomplished, but the best thing was spending time just feeling calm and relaxed.

and as for today's outfit.. i can't even explain how great it felt to not be wearing my black puffy coat. it is so hard to think about wearing something else when it is so cold out and so early in the morning. today was the perfect day to experiment. and the best way to do that is to layer. i started with a base layer of a vintage, floral dress. added fleece lined tights and a crew neck sweater, my new denim jacket, and then my camel coat. my favorite part of my outfit was my faux fur hat. and since it doesn't really look as cool with my black puffy coat, this was the first time i wore it. this was one of those outfits that i felt really good in. i wouldn't be surprised if it had anything to do with the good day i had.

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