so here we are, 2014. i still feel the same.. but it is only 8:30am..

as i was thinking about the new year and resolutions a few weeks back, i had an epiphany. 2014 is really going to be my year. 14 is my number. always has. i see it places and in things that i do. i often look at the clock and it will read 1:14, my birthday. it has always been a thing and now it is the year. i have been itching for change, to really make something of myself, and to really be happy. i know it may seem somewhat convenient, but starting today in the new year, i feel motivated and ready. these things are not easy and for a long time it was easy to put them off, but i don't want to do that anymore. i don't want to let this year down and i don't want to let myself down.

i've started keeping a list of all the things i want to try and do this year. some of them i know i can accomplish and some i may not, but make a plan to someday be able to is a step in the right direction.

happy, healthy, whole. those are the three words i am using to describe my outlook on life. healthy is something that i have been trying to work on for awhile. and guess what! the cover of my january issue of self had a 14, yes 14, day slim down to start the new year off right. so why not try it out and see where it gets me. it is my number, which leads right up to my birthday.

so in addtion to that, here is what i have on the list for january:

- go to the movies at least once (my full goal is 4 times in the first quarter of the new year): i love going to the movies. i can't tell you the last movie i saw in the theater, so i am making it a point to do things like this that make me happy.

- read at least 2 books: for some of you this may seem pretty easy. just like going to the movies, i love to read. i have started a couple books in the past 6 months, but can't seem to finish them. i am tired and zoning out in front of the tv always seemed easier. but i got some great books for christmas and i just started one that i am really enjoying. i feel better after reading and love to learn new things. if you have any must reads, let me know!

- get a new mattress: if all goes as planned, this is happening today! my body hurts from work and then i go home to sleep on a mattress that hurts and i wake up hurting. a never-ending cycle that i am breaking!

- get at least 7 hours of sleep sunday through thursday: we all know how important sleep is and with having a new mattress and wanting to do more reading, getting into bed earlier should hopefully be no problem!

- wash my face and floss every night before bed: this is important but sometimes hard to do when tired, so if i can do it this month, i can do it every month.

- catch up on my '30 day outfit' posts: i picked a very hard time of the year (holidays!) to start something new. it has been hard to find the time to take/post the photos. i don't want to use being busy and traveling and working extra to be an excuse, but it certainly made it hard. doing this made me kickstart my style again and think about what i was wearing and what pieces i wore. it was what i needed, so even though i am having trouble keeping up with the posts, it has really been beneficial in helping me get back to where i want to be. in addition, i want to keep up with regular posting. if you have ideas of what you would like to see, let me know!!

these are a few things i am focusing on. they aren't mind-blowing resolutions, but on the road to where i want to go, they are important. i need to find time for me and not just work, eat, sleep. life is too short and my time is too precious to not start enjoying it.

i will let you know how january goes for me! happy new year! hope it is a good one for you too!

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