airtran's go magazine: maine style.

as you may remember, i posted some photos from a few photo shoots i had done recently. well here is the finally product from those shoots! a page in airtran's in-flight magazine, go magazine!

go magazine had contacted me a few months ago asking if i would be interested. not only would the article feature me, but i would be able to showcase some local maine designers as well. of course, i had to say yes! it was a very cool, very fun experience. so if you are flying on any one of airtran's flights during the month of august, you will see me in the seat pocket in front of you!

and of course, i could not have pulled this off by myself. here is another BIG thank you to everyone who helped me out:

genevieve drzewianowski

if you havent already, check out these amazing talents!


  1. Very neat! This would be a cool thing to have in a frame on your wall.

  2. That's awesome! Hopefully this inspires some travelers to come to Maine after they've seen how stylish we are here. Did you get a copy of the magazine?

    1. i did not get a copy, so if you know anyone who is flying have them get me one! cause yes, like corey said, it would be cool to put in a frame on the wall!