90s modern: saved by the bell.

so the other morning before work, i was watching a little saved by the bell. just like i use to do in the mornings before high school. that is, if i could get up that early. but as i was watching, i kept thinking how much i loved their outfits, especially these bright floral high waisted shorts on kelly. and the more i watched, the more i realized that everyone at work dressed the same as zack, ac, kelly, jessie, and lisa did back in the 90s.

 yes, i know the 90s are back, but i didn't realize how in exactly the same way they are back. and as i asked some of my employees if they had ever watched saved by the bell, half of them (born in the 90s) didn't even know what i was talking about, but how much it looked like they had just watched a marathon for a little style inspiration.

do you see what i mean? printed denim, chambray, high waisted cut offs, skinny jeans, man tanks.. luckily, hairstyles don't return as often!

what was your favorite thing about 90s fashion? are you happy to see it return or are you staying away from these looks altogether? and most importantly what was your favorite saved by the bell memory?

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