where has it been. where will it go.

sweater  - ny&co
skirt - salvation army $2.99 special
boots - vintage
cuff - flea market find
bracelet - my great grandmother's
hair pin - gift from my sister

i was going to write something here about how to wear crop tops so they look good (answer: wearing them with something high waisted), but as i started to write out where i got the item in this outfit, something different came to mind. 

looking at this list, i got a really cool feeling, maybe a little nostalgic. my wardrobe is made up of so many parts and they all come from different places. yes, there are those from places like forever 21 that you had to have and will only wear once, but then there are so many things with so much meaning and stories behind them. 

i put a lot of thought into most of the things i buy. i love finding really great one-of-a-kind pieces at vintage and flea markets, but also at goodwill or salvation army. i like to think about where they have been and who may have worn them.

most of the things i have from my great grandmother are nothing more than costume jewelry, but it is still of high value to me. plus, i can wear them all the time and not worry about what may happen to it. 
and as for the boots, these were a magical find. i've had them for almost 10 years, but they have been around for about 40 years. i've had to repair them a few times, but they just seem to get even better looking.

is your closet filled with stories? do you ever think about the secrets they may hold? or is there something your could never part with or keep just for the memories?


  1. Ashley, I thought about your questions: there are two distinct items in my closet that come to mind. One is a skinny black leather belt with a tiny gold clasp that I got from the Good Cause, and I wear it all the time. I have no idea what the history or the origin is, but I'm giving it some miles. The other is a giant brass belt buckle depicting cowboys and a covered wagon that reads, "Tall in the Saddle." It was one of the very first flea market purchases I've ever made, and it will be pried out of my cold, dead hands.

    1. aww i love it! i really want to see that belt buckle. its funny the things we really care about.. doesn't have much to do with money.

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