fringe benefits.

chambay shirt - lark & wolf
skirt - urban outfitters
shoes - cooperative
leather jacket - goodwill

this was an important night for the city of portland. it was the portland phoenix best of awards held at port city. the night called for a special outfit. something fun, but not too dressed up, because i was nominated for my first phoenix award for best blog!

i thought a little mix of denim and fringe was a good mix of high and low for this event. added just a little color with my shoes and a little sparkle with my vintage beaded bag that i am so super obsessed with. it was an outfit that i felt cool, confident, and ready to party in.

i did not win. i did not even expect to. i went to have fun, have cupcakes, whoopie pies, and a few drinks. it was just a crazy honor to be nominated (thank you to those who nominated and voted for me!) not only was it an honor to be nominated, it was an honor to be in the company that i was. fore front fashion and broke207 are both awesome blogs, but also part of the SWAPmaine team with me!!

a BIG congrats to fore front fashion for their best blog win, two years in a row!
you go, girl!!


  1. you were the best dressed of the night fo sho.

  2. Love this outfit- sorry I missed you ladies that night!