holy awesomeness! it is here. this is just what we needed. it is like real life etsy shops in a beautiful, beautiful space. 

(i need this mint and pink polka dot dress. in unrelated news, i like presents!)

last weekend was the much anticipated opening weekend of portland's flea-for-all. it is such a great idea. the space is a mix of vintage shops and your usual flea market booths alongside local designers and artists.

the list of venders is amazing and will be changing & growing, so going back every week will be worth it! this will be hard for me since i am not suppose to buy new clothes and i know how this works.. if you like and don't buy, when you decided to buy it, it will be gone!

i didn't leave empty handed either.. terry treated me to this super awesome belt from proper vintage!

weekend number two starts tomorrow!


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