wear your earring on your lapel. 189.

when talking on the phone most of the day, it is hard to wear big earrings. this i found out quickly today. good thing they were clip ons and the transfer from ear to blazer was easy. i got a lot of compliments on my pin, so it seemed like a successful idea. i like the unstuctured look of a slouchy blouse and tapered trouser with a structured blazer. not to mention, this pink color is one of my favorite colors and i feel very pretty it in. not a bad way to boost your confidence during the day.

shirt loft, balzer uniqlo, pants loft, shoes payless, earrings goodwill, bangles jcrew.


  1. Love that idea! I have a pair of clip-ons that I never wear. I might try it!


  2. It works great as a pin, though I did wear the other earring on my ear all day.