last weeks looks.

sunday. 186.

it was a chilly and rainy sunday made perfect for christmas shopping and running errands. bean boots, a sweater, and a beanie made it easy to stay warm and dry outside (with a leather jacket and scarf) and not get too hot when inside. ( i got great gifts at picnic! so exciting to have such great local designers!)
sweater rogue's gallery (gift for my boyfriend hehe), tank madewell, jeans abercrombie & fitch, boots llbean, hat target.

saturday. 185 (part 2).

this was the night of my work christmas party. all anyone had talked about for the past few days was what they were going to wear, so i knew i had to wear something awesome. i had planned on wearing a different dress, but when i put it on, it was not how i am envisioned it. since i took a nap before the party and woke up around the time it was starting, i had to think fast. i am in love with this dress and i knew the only way i could wear it was if it was very different than the other two times i have worn it. i added a vintage red belt and paired it with purple booties. i love the idea of mixing these types of colors, especially when they are so bold with a dress that is shiny and pretty. i am very happy with my choice considering i won the award for the most fashionable person at work and i would never want to disappoint!

saturday. 185 (part 1).

the saturdays that i have to work are the hardest days to get dressed for. because it is saturday, i want to be comfortable and be able to wear what ever i want. i don't want to 'have' to get dressed up, even though i like doing it. i try to not try hard to get dressed, then get stressed when i cant put together anything i like. this happens to me every week. i will eventually get over it and maybe pick out my outfits the night before, but until then, this is what i've come up with.
shirt abercrombie & fitch, tank madewell, sweater jcrew, cords madewell, shoes gap.

friday. 184.

this silk dress is more of a summer dress, but i wanted to wear a little bit of color on a friday. i belted it to shorten it so it didn't look awkward over jeggings. i love the way this blue-purple color really pops when paired with black. it made everything look very bold. ( someone with his own pops of color wanted to be featured in this picture too!)
dress urban outfitters, blazer f21, pants abercombie & fitch, boots payless, necklace echo.

thursday. 183.

leather leggings: check. sequined shoulder pads: check. leather belt tied in a bow: check. stripes: check. purple booties: check. need i say more.
shirt f21, skirt banana republic, leggings intermix, belt gift from australia, shoes payless, rings h&m.
wednesday. 182.

knit tights and a fair isle sweater says cozy to me. it is beginning to get so cold out and all i can think about it trying to stay warm. i love the mix of patterns, fabrics, and textures in this look. my sweater and statement necklace was inspired by serena's rehab look on the previous episode of gossip girl. i love adding unexpected pieces, though hers was a little bolder..
sweater gap, tshirt gap, skirt old navy, tights gap, boots steve madden, necklace f21.

tuesday. 181.

welcome to the boy's club. the night before i saw a picture in a magazine of ideas to wear to work and when i woke up in the morning all i thought about was the menswear inspired look. it was easy to get dressed. i knew i wanted to wear a sweater vest. i had to layer it over something girly, so thats where the ruffles came in. on top of everything, there needed to be something with a bit of structure and that was the blazer. i could have dressed it up more with a pair of heels, but i thought these shoes were a better fit, keeping with the colors and the boyish look.
shirt isaac mizrahi for target, vest urban outfitters, blazer uniqlo, jeans jbrand, shoes urban outfitters, ring banana republic.

monday*. 180.
you may notice that there are some times days missing. this is usually a sunday or a monday when i dont have to work. it is a usually a day where i dont leave the house and wear sweatpants or pajamas all day. this particular day was hot pink FIT sweatpants and a green american apparel tshirt. i figure no one is interested in seeing these, but please, let me know if you are and i will be happy to include them!

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