big tree on a little stand. 188.

today was full of technical difficulties. our 8ft tree does not stay up in a $3.99 metal stand found at goodwill and my heel fell off my shoe at work. we solved both these problems, sort of. we went to every store open after 9pm to find a stand, but with no luck. (we do have a bigger one now) and i thought by ripping off my other heel, my shoes would then become flats. this lasted all of 10 minutes. if you don't know, when you buy 'cheap' shoes, the heels are held on by little spikes and even though you bend then so they wont go into the floor, they still go into the bottom of you heel. not comfortable. lucky for me, i tend to bring more than one pair of shoes with me. i ended my day in actual black flats. also, embarrassingly enough, this was not the first time this heel has come off. we tried to gorilla glue it, but for future reference, that does not work.

dress f21, leggings intermix, boots f21, necklace f21.

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