wore: sunday.

it has been a long time since i have done one of these posts. and i am happy to be back to it. i am happy it is fall and time to wear layers. it makes getting dressed much more fun and allows you to be able to wear more of your favorite things!

this fall, i don't feel like i added too much more to my wardrobe than what i already had. with moving and packing and unpacking and all that, it made it a little hard to focus on much else. and not to mention having less spending money, it was easy to not buy many new things. however, in this outfit, i am wearing two of the few of my fall must haves.

you may or may not be familiar with the baader-meinhof phenomenon. well i recently learned of it, and like so with this phenomenon, i heard about it again and again. (the phenomenon is when you learn about something new, you start to see or hear about it multiple times soon after). well when i saw this sleeveless j.o.a coat, i fell in love. i didn't buy it because it was not cheap. but i kept thinking about it. at the same time that i kept thinking about how i had to have this coat, i kept seeing this type of sleeveless coat everywhere. (get the connection, now?) well, my days were numbered as an urban employee, and so was my discount. so i did it. and i am pretty darn happy i did. this may be the first look i put together with it, but it will be fun to try more. with the before mentioned layering that this season brings, i will be able to show off more than just my coat.

as for the rest of the look, the boxy windowpane plaid sweater comes from the loft. while i do like what they sell, it tends to be a bit more business casual than i wear. i went in a couple weeks ago with my mom and found this on the sale rack. it was exactly what i had been looking for. not to mention, exactly what i had envisioned with this coat. a 50% off sale surely helped me make the purchase. and an added bonus, it buttons halfway down the back. 

and then the jeans. for those of you who have a hard time buying jeans, these are my all time favorite (so far). they are bdg brand from urban outfitters, which means they are moderately priced. these ones are the high rise twig. i do prefer a super high rise, but these fit almost as well. the best part of them, and the reason i want them in all colors, is that they are a grazer length, which is 26 inch inseam. they hit just about my ankle bone, look great with all shoes, and show a little skin when you want it.  

oh, i wouldn't want to forget the shoes. these were a recent $3.99 find from the salvation army. they are vintage jordache, with a little heel, cute tassels in a great green color. score.

to describe this look, when my sister saw me, she asked why i was dressed so fancy. i told her i am not. i was wearing three pieces; a sweater, a coat, and jeans. not to mention flat shoes. to me this outfit was simple, easy, and comfortable. knowing that i looked 'fancy' made me feel confident and chic. just think how you can look with a few simple, nice pieces..

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