oceans, emotions, and birkenstocks.

I went to run an errand today. I had nothing to do after for a few hours. They keep saying this is the last of the 70 degree days we will have this year. Just in case this time is really the last time, I decided it would be a good idea to stay  outside. Being near the eastern prom and soon becoming a member of the east side of the portland peninsula, it seemed like the right place to go. 

There was a mention of fleetwood Mac on the radio as I was pulling up and thought how crazy it would be if one day I threw my headphones into my new purse. And low and behold, they were there! Had all intentions to put on fleetwood Mac radio, but the last time I listened, it happened to be to the head and the heart. Down in the valley came on and the line I'm on my way back to where I started really got me. This first week of not having a job and being home as been harder than I expected. I am alone all day. My life is in boxes and up in the air. Sitting here, I see an old man with his old dog playing fetch then sitting down for some water and a snack, a young couple not far from me with their dog. I thought it was cute and then I saw him with his head in his shirt and her rub is back. Life's a struggle for everyone in one way or another. Lots of tourists for sure. Cute old men taking photos on their phones, another reading a paper.

Even with no real job, it is so hard to find time to sit in nature, with the sun on your back, the wind on your face, and a huge beautiful ocean in front of you. Boats go by. People go by. Everyone with their own story, their own plans, but all in the same place. The leaves are changing, the tides are changing, the clouds (very slowly) are moving by. Nothing stays in one place, everything changes or grows or dies. It's hard. But what a beautiful thing it is to not only watch it, but to be a part of it all.

And man, how good does it feel to have your barefeet in the grass..
(Also, I did change it to the fleetwood Mac station. It is, after all, friday.)

**i copied and pasted this from the notes section on my phone where i wrote this, so don't mind the grammar or the capitalization.  i want to keep it real, you know.

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