my sister's bridal shower.

my sister is getting married this summer! so in true maid of honor fashion, along with my mom and a close family friend, cathy, i hosted her bridal shower this past sunday. it took a lot of planning and as the 'creative director' (i gave myself this title), i am so pleased with how it turned out. it was pretty much as i had imagined it. 

my sister is not the 'bride' type and doesn't like the traditional wedding things. she did, however, get engaged in paris (insert aww's here) and i wanted to bring that into the day. that came mostly in the form of food. i kept the color palette very muted, but wanted it to be pretty. it was mostly a mix of pinks, peach, cream, and gold. i made all the decorations. she also likes the subtle use of hearts. they are so beautifully part of her invitations and i wanted to tie that in, but in the same subtle way. we, along with cathy's three daughters, made all of the food. my mom and cathy spent an afternoon potting the succulents we gave out as favors. it was certainly a team effort and all the hard work was well worth it.

handmade paper flowers as placeholders for the desserts which included homemade cookies and lemon squares, macarons, and assorted homemade ice cream sandwiches.

bridal bingo, she or him questionnaire, and advice for the bridal were the activities for the guests.

succulent favors.

prosecco with fruit purees and rock candy sticks were a big hit. 

the spread.

just look at that menu.. yum!

yes, we cut all the fruit in the shape of hearts.

one of kim's favorite things.

my favorite rifle paper co. banner decorates the gift area.

i used a mix of lace + peach napkins and table runners (mostly from goodwill) with flowers i got from whole foods to use in the center of the tables. 

my sister and i are both obsessed with geronimo balloons, but since the cost $180 for two, i made my own to surprise her with! there is something so fun about 36 inch balloons!

my beautiful mom.

and my beautiful sister.

this babe trying to stay cool.

and the love birds.