local love: rennes.

two really cool things happened at the same time on friday afternoon. i was checking instagram, per usual, and saw my sister tagged me in a photo. on first glance, i thought it was a photo of something she updated in her apartment, but then realized it wasn't her photo. someone was selling a mid-century modern chest for pickup only in boston. without thinking, i emailed saying i was interested. i got an email back saying it was mine! cool. awesome. totally excited.

extra storage // extra seating

the standard red cedar chest company // need to try + clean off the label still

the second cool thing was that i found out about this company out of boston called rennes. they design and create bags and clothing right here in massachusetts. and they are beautiful.

not only did i get this beautiful new chest, but i got a glimpse of the beautiful apartment it was leaving and met julie, the creator of these beautiful pieces. to be honest, she was exactly as i had pictured her in my mind after looking at her website. i'm sure you can all find something to lust after on her site like i have!

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