saturday // portland, maine.

when i come home to maine for the weekend, i am lucky if i even pack a full outfit for the whole weekend. i kind of rely on whatever is in my laundry basket. and most trips, this one being no exception, i don't do my laundry in time to get dressed for the next day. i did, however, purchase a few new pairs of jeans from urban outfitters for $10 each (they have 50% off all sale until monday!) that i was really excited to wear. i also brought along this shawl that i got from swapmaine just incase the weather was less than spectacular. luckily for me, it all worked out into an outfit i was really in love with. i've said it so many times, but what you wear really can make or break how you feel. if you feel good, you act with more confidence, have more fun, and look better.

the laid back feel of this outfit is so perfect for a saturday. i tried a much looser fit jean than i usually do. it feels more modern because of the high (mom jean) waist and the cuffs at the bottom. the t-shirt is a project social t. these look and feel like designer t-shirts, but for a much lower price. they are cut in a way that makes you feel sexy, but super comfortable. and they are made in la. this shawl i got for the low price of $0 from swapmaine last weekend. the colors are so beautiful.. oatmeal, grays, and brown. i brought this hat to maine with me on the off chance i might want to wear a hat. i don't know about you, but i buy hats like this with the full intention of wearing, but don't always seem to find the time to wear them. bring them with you somewhere and make yourself do it. you will see how easy it can transform the whole look.

and as for this particular sunday in portland, i spent most of it with my mom. having lunch at the crooked mile, running errands for a special someone's (my sister) bridal shower, and getting coffee at one of our favorite coffee spots, coffee by design. later, i had dinner at terry's parents house... crab with rice and his mom's amazing garlicky spicy fish sauce. it was a lot of work but totally worth it. before heading out, we went down to thompson's point to take a few photos. the only thing i would love more than looking at these old places would be occupying this old places. i love all the details, the textures, the colors, the history.. anyone knows of a cheap, cool fixer-uper, sign me up! the evening ended with checking out the new top of the east, meeting up with some favorite people at novare res, and ending with a late night snack at blue rooster. it was a real good saturday.

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