clean out your closets for SWAPmaine

It may just be that I am in total spring cleaning mode or maybe it is because I am really trying to take on a more minimalist lifestyle, but for this swap, I am really cleaning out the closet.

In the past years, I have made a lot of excuses as to why I should keep something. And for the most part, it left me things I am still not wearing today. If you are like me, a lot of the reason I hold on to things is for emotional reasons. I keep things that may have cost me $5 or are worth less than that because it holds a memory or a feeling for me. But no matter the reasoning, I am letting it go. If it is bringing me no benefit and just adding clutter, I don’t need it. If it doesn’t fit or isn’t in good condition I don’t need it.
So here is how I am doing it:
  • go through every pile in the drawers or on the shelves
  • go through everything that is hanging
  • try each piece of clothing on (unless it is brand new and you know you love it!)
  • if it does not fit, put it in the swap pile
  • if it is stained, ripped, or in bad condition, donate or recycle it 
  • if you are unsure about what to wear it with, if it looks as good as you think it does, or just want another opinion, ask someone who is honest with you or send me a photo and I’ll tell you!
  • if you love it, if it makes you feel good, and you are excited about it, hang it or fold it, and keep it
  • if it is something with sentimental value, but doesn’t look great on you anymore, take a photo of it, do something special with it, leave a note in the pocket for the next owner, and send it off to the swap for its next journey
And remember if you are bringing these things to the swap, you get to come home with new things to make new memories out of. Since the motto is give more than you take, you can still keep up with your new minimalist lifestyle. (Or so I keep telling myself!)

east end school
may 17th
9-10 pre-swap/drop off
10-12 SWAP!

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