guess what's back?!

that's right! swapmaine is back for its SEVENTH swap! mark your calendars for saturday, may 17th! we are going back to the east end school, so get ready for a BIG swap!

the set up is the same. you can get in free by dropping your bags off the night before. if you come the day off with your bags, you pay $5. if you just want some new clothes and want to keep all your current ones, it is only a $10 admission!

as always, we are partnering with goodwill of northern new england. we like to say give more than you take. all the proceeds and leftover clothing goes directly to goodwill. 

and even though it may not feel like spring yet, i promise (or i think i can) that we will be able to get rid of all our layers soon, so start cleaning out your closets now!

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