beautiful bhldn.

i have been in love with bhldn since the day the website launched. it is pretty much everything i have looked for in wedding attire and decor. though i am not yet getting married, i have been obsessed with all things wedding for a long time. not in the way that i am desperately planning my wedding, but because of my love for all things beautiful. and beautiful is only one way to describe bhldn. when we found out they were opening a shop outside of boston, we couldn't wait to go. since my sister is getting married and since she already has her dress, this was a shopping trip for me and my mom.

\\my mom and some beautiful wedding gowns//

\\the bride and more gowns//

\\oh hey there! still working on my 'selfies'//

\\cake trays and candleholders//

\\my fitting room picks//

the second we walked into the shop, my mom and i both found our dresses. of course, we pulled more to try on for fun. since i am my sister's maid of honor and a bridal party of one, i got to pick out anything i wanted. of course, i wanted to make sure my sister loved it as well, but i was happy to have some extra fun with this. all the dresses i tried on were beautiful, but i chose the one that didn't make me feel like a typical bridesmaid. i wanted to feel special and not wear something that made me feel like there should be 5 girls next to me in the same dress. my mom and i both chose the first dresses we tried on, which happened to both be the first ones we saw. 

and of course, we can't go to anthropologie without trying on some other things! i also got the dress in the middle. big, bold, fun print for spring!

my mom and my sister also can't come to boston without going to one of our favorite eateries. saturday, giacamo's in the north end was our restaurant of choice. even though most people who walk by have something to say about the line we are waiting in, it is worth every minute standing outside. it was a beautiful day so it made it that much easier to wait, but knowing that good food for a good price was waiting for us was enough. terry got to take part in this adventure. lucky him.

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