my brown suede skirt..

shirt - target (terry's)
skirt - goodwill
shoes - burberry (outlet closing sale)
necklaces - urban outfitters, made well
belt - vintage

this was one of those days when i stare at my closet (aka rolling racks) and my mind is blank. i usually get frustrated and make a mess. and i don't always come away with the best looking outfit. but on this particular day, i was not going to let my clothes win. i, like many others, spend lots of time looking through the internet. it is usually at the end of the day when i need to sort of turn my brain off. oddly, i don't find myself checking blogs for outfit ideas when i get ready. i KNOW that i take inspiration from so many people and places, but a lot of the time it is subconsciously. (or not.. look at my interest!)

but i'll get to the point.. b. jones style is one of my favorite fashion bloggers. she has a similar style to mine and shops at very similar places, i.e. goodwill and thrift stores, but she does it so so well. this morning, i only spent a few minutes getting mad at my wardrobe and went straight for my computer and found this, my inspirational outfit.
so, thank you, beth!


  1. Your skirt is so cute! I think I've just added a brown suede skirt to my personal wish list.

    1. thank you! i found it at goodwill for like $6! lately i have been seeing a lot of cool leather skirts there. those are some of the best things to buy second hand.