i have definitely been missing, but i have definitely been in action.
as many of us know, it is wedding season and i have already been in one. it was beautiful and fun. i will have photos to come, i promise. after that, i spent all of last week in boston for work. it was a super fun week and a great learning experience, but boy was i tired. i had planned to come home from work each night and blog, but instead i ate and went to bed.
this week seems to be a little easier. but still full of meetings and deadlines (exciting, big things are happening!). i have lots of plans in this head of mine and i hope to be sharing a lot more with everyone.
and in keeping with sharing.. don't forget about SWAPmaine! june 10th! so soon.. so start clearing out those closets.. and if you need a second opinion, i would love to give you one!! i can always make time for that!
and of course, thank you all for reading.

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