tie a bow on it.

tank - maj
sweater - new york & co.
jeans - a&f
shoes - h&m
scarf - swapmaine

need a casual look for a warm fall day? just take two pieces from your summer wardrobe, layer them, add jeans and peep toe flats. while you are at, tie a bow on your head! how are you going to have a bad day when you know you are wearing a colorful bow on your head? and who could ever be mean to you when they see you with said bow?! it's a sure fire way to make anyones day.

for this style of headband, i used a long scarf that was only about 4 inches wide. i rolled it a few times then just tied it around my head in a normal bow (think tying your shoe), centering it to one side of my head instead of the back. using a thinner scarf was helping in making it not too bulky and easier to tie. 

what creative ways do you wear your scarves?

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