SWAPmaine success.

saturday was the second SWAPmaine event and it was a huge success! bigger than our first, but an equally amazing swap. we had over 300 attendees and donated over 3000 pounds of left over clothing to goodwill! a huge thank you to everyone who made this possible! we could not have done it without donations from amazing local businesses, our volunteers, and, of course, the swappers!

swag table.

our mascot manni

food table


setting up.

dress row.

sorting station.

pre swap party.

the swapping begins!

organized chaos!

i had so much fun. i loved watching everyone go crazy over all the clothes and leave with some amazing finds. i did not go home empty handed either! i emptied out my SWAPmaine bag this morning to see what i went home with. one of my favorite parts of swapping is seeing what was actually in my bag. with all the commotion, i forget what i actually scored. it's like going through all the excitement all over again!

here is what i got:

 denim dress.

sheer pink dress.

 paisley print dress.

hot pink jumpsuit!

sequined silk blouse.

 light pink silk blouse.
michelle picked it out for me!

80s striped tee

picked out by kate!

floral jacket
picked out for me by the team of sorters.
(glad everyone had my best interests in mind!)

 bright striped jacket.
allie showed me the pockets & i couldn't say no!

polka dot pants.

floral print pants.

brown leather shoes.

i want to thank my amazing SWAPmaine team, allie, laura, laura, michelle, and kate! i love working with you guys. what an amazingly fun and creative group we are. i cannot wait to start planning our next event together!

what were your favorite finds??


  1. It looks like the swap was a lot of fun. I hope I can make it to the next one. You got many nice items. My fave is that sheer pink dress -- it's lovely. Looks like it's from the 40's.

  2. i can't wait to see you rock this stuff!!!

  3. thank you! beth, i hope you can come to the next one. it is such a good time and you never know what you will find!

    i cant wait to put outfits together with my new clothes.. it will surely be interesting!