alexis russell // badass jewelry.

i have been spending a good amount of time looking at product and going to trade shows lately, with my focus on children's product. during these trips, it is very hard not to notice stand out women's and home lines that i come across.

after my last trip to new york, i went through the list on my phone of things (other than kids stuff) i saw that i liked. i googled alexis russell and was so happy to see this line of jewelry that was even better than i remembered.

not only is the line full of amazing geometric shaped rings, bracelets, and jewelry, but also the beyond-cool engagement type rings. the raw cut and grey diamonds are amazing and unique and probably everything i have ever wanted.

i won't lie and say an engagement ring isn't something i think about or that i don't spend time looking on the internet for. and while i have been mostly looking at estate pieces because i want something unique and because they are often much larger in size than new engagement rings (i am not saying i need a big diamond, but a big sized ring overall), one of these alexis russell rings just might fit that bill.

photos via alexis russell.

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  1. Hey Ashley!
    I just wanted to shoot you a quick note to say it was lovely meeting you this past weekend.
    You have an awesome blog and I love the clean layout. I’m a fan of minimalism :D

    Again it was very nice meeting you, I hope you have a great week!