it's challenge time again..

i started this blog as a challenge. i was changing jobs and i had more freedom in what i could wear. after so many years of collecting clothes, i wanted to put them to use. i challenged myself to 30 days without wearing the same outfit more than once while not buying anything new. it was easy and i went on to do it for a year. this blog was started so i could keep track of my outfits, something like a personal fashion diary. 

at this point, you may be wondering about this trip down memory lane. well, a couple weeks ago my wonderful sister, kim, came over and helped me go through all my clothes. yes, even me, who helps other people sort through their clothes, needs a second set of eyes. we spent hours going through everything i owned and with some tough love, i was able to fill up multiple ikea bags to donate and/or swap. even after pulling A LOT of things out of my closet, my sister was still shocked at the amount of clothes i had. to a fashion lover like myself it didn't seem like such a big deal. but for a fashion lover like myself with zero closet space, it is getting to be a problem. after helping me, my sister gave me a new challenge. well, it actually started out as a demand: YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO BUY ANY MORE CLOTHES. seeing as this is a hard thing for me (i mostly blame goodwill and of course, my place of employment urban outfitters), it needed to be a challenge. so here were my sister's ground rules:

1. no buying anything.

2. anytime i feel like buying anything, go to my closet and put together a look that is similar to what i want to buy or just wear something i've never worn.

3. figure out on average how much i spend a week on clothes and transfer that amount each week into my savings account to pay off my debt and save for things like a new bed and couch.

4. if i crack and buy something, i have to get rid of something in my closet and give my sister $5.

after chatting about my challenge, she came up with a new idea. i can't buy any new until i pay off my credit card. the plan is to be aside the money each week to go towards my credit card. all the extra money will go towards making me debt free and start to get creative again with my existing wardrobe. 

i know i have lots of clothes and don't need anymore, but i know this is going to be hard. we are at a place where the seasons are changing and i am going to want new things. the thing i am going to miss the most is the thrill of the hunt at places like goodwill. luckily for me, i work on side jobs that allow me to shop without spending my own money, so hopefully that will be able to tide me over. 

so here's to becoming debt free, wearing every piece in my wardrobe, and igniting my creative fire once again. let's see how this goes and please, feel free to join me or show my some of your ways to get creative with your wardrobe.


  1. Cant wait to see your new looks! P.s. I gave you a shout out on my video post yesterday! Check it out!

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  2. This is great! Can i join you? Because i'm already thinking about converting freeze into a shoe storage since the rest of the apt is my closet anyways:)))

    1. Yes! Please join me! I'd love to see the different outfits you create. Hopefully I can pass on a little inspiration to help.

  3. Yeeaah!!I think i will need to do my last shopping trip to stock up on some spring stuff, and i will start. And, yes, all your outfits are always inspiring. I keep coming back to your blog all the time. Love it!

  4. I love this idea!!! Especially the part where your sister makes you give her five dollars if you crack. I also have the same problem...I need to get rid of a whole bunch of stuff, but I love new things oh so much too! Good thing the swap is coming up again, so that I can reduce and get some new, much less than I bring though. Also, another incentive to reducing is to bring things to Find or Material Objects for store credit and then get one nice piece in exchange for a multitude of clothes you don't wear anymore. I did the a few weeks ago and left with a pink argyle J. Crew cashmere cardigan. I love it.

    1. i already have my bags filled for the swap!! it is really hard because i love new things too, but i know that i have so many things that i don't need. so now i need to wear them and prove that i need them. save money, then get new things. can't wait to swap though!!