my resolutions.

new year's resolutions are a hot topic. they are something i usually make but never follow through with. this year i hope to be different.
here is what i resolve to change this year:

1. be better to myself. 
learn to eat better, exercise better, and sleep better.

2. care less about what other people are doing or thinking. 
do things based on how i feel and think.

3. get out more, do more, meet more people. 
so if you know of something fun going on or want to meet for coffee or a drink, let me know! i'm game!

4. post more on my blog, do more craft projects, have more fun.

these may seem a bit vague, but after receiving a new book, 'the happiness project' by gretchen rubin, for christmas, i am inspired to do my own happiness project. i plan to cover all my resolutions in my happiness project. starting with january, i plan to get more organized. clear the clutter in my house and in my mind. i plan to get healthier by eating better, exercising better and getting more sleep. i am going to tackle my multiple page to do list and begin a year that i hope to be better than the last. 

2011 was an interesting year. there were some really cool things that happened (i am on the cover of a magazine!?) and some not so cool things that happened. in the year to come i plan to accomplish more and do more good.

what are your new year's resolutions? what do you look forward to the most in 2012?


  1. I just hope it is a happy year full of laughter... ps. I checked out Urban Outfitters... amazing, wearing a great sweater from there as I type :)

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