happy, healthy, whole.

for a long time, probably even years, i have talked about getting the body i've always wanted. i have pictured, even dreamed about it, but have never been able to achieve it. i love to sit around and think of all the things i can do to get in shape and make lists and plans, but for some reason i always sabotage myself. yes, i know it is going to be hard and i have to work at (which in other aspects of my life i am a hard worker) and i know it may cost a bit of money and i always love a challenge, but even knowing this in advance, i always fail.

but this time around, i need it to be different. i have always been self motivated when it comes to work and school, but this is always different. over the past few weeks, i have started making small changes in the way i have been eating. i was introduced to an eating plan called whole 30, by a friend who successfully completed it in january (congrats steph!) and have been loosely following it myself. i use the word loosely because i am allowing myself to have a glass of wine or a drink and i am not trying to make it a challenge to do only for 30 days. i want it to be a lifestyle change and not feel the pressure that if i go off course, i fail. but during the week, i have been following the food choices and eating only whole foods.

the other part of this equation, the exercising, seems to be a little bit tricky for me. i know that even with my crazy schedule and how tired i am, these are all just excuses and in the long run will make all these things better and easier.

today was my first day at the gym. i found a living social for 30 days at the gym two doors down from my work. without being able to give myself an excuse, i went over and started my 30 days today. i only did some intervals on the treadmill and some stretches (i fell and hurt my wrist last week), but as i was running, in my mind i was yelling this feels so good! i love to sweat! run faster! this body was meant to move and boy was it happy to today. let's just hope i am singing the same tune tomorrow!

so the whole point of this long story is to tell the world what i want to accomplish, be held accountable, even if only in my head, and to start a conversation and get others involved. i want to inspire and be inspired. i want to learn new work outs and recipes and hopefully share something new with you as well.


  1. my bff joined weight watchers just to be able to keep track of what she eats and to learn more about portion control! it is always good to try something new! good job! i have heard good things about whole 30, but i like the idea of taking something and making it your own- like my friend!

    best of luck, my dear! retail is a notoriously unhealthy type of work! ha!

  2. okay so I did the whole 30. i am now off the wagon but want to get back on. i lost weight in two weeks, i slept better. what a difference. the only caveat is being unable to have wine. i did not enjoy that...

    1. During the week we are following the list of foods to eat and found a great website, thefoodee.com, that has TONS of whole 30 approved recipes. On the weekends we are more lax with it. But if a friend invites me for a drink after work (like today) I'm not going to feel guilty about it. So drink that wine too!